Prepare the Tub

Remove any anti-slip strips with a cleaner and degreaser. Wash the tub with an abrasive cleanser. Scrub the tub with an abrasive pad and Lime-A-Way.

Step 1

Sand the Tub

Sand the tub with 400-600 grit wet sandpaper. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • First, when you sand the surface you'll be removing any grime or gloss that's left over from the cleaning.
  • Second, when you rough up the surface, it will give you good adhesion for the coating.

Pro Tip

When you're sanding, it's best to use wet sandpaper so the grit can be rinsed away while you're working.

Step 2

use brush and paint in one direction only

Apply the Paint

Mix the epoxy and paint it on with a brush and roller.

Note: Small bubbles will appear on the surface as you paint, but as it dries its self-leveling properties will eliminate the bubbles.

  • Brush in one direction only.
  • Brush on a couple of smooth, thin coats.
  • Feather the edges as you paint to avoid a hard line between painted areas.
  • Apply two light coats one hour apart.

Step 3

"for finished look caulk around tub,walls and

Caulk the Corners

Caulk around the tub, corners of the tile walls and around the corner shelves.

Pro Tip

You can use denatured alcohol for cleanup when caulking.