Step 1

Cut the Underlayment

Remove and save any quarter round and base trim (image 1). Roll out the closed cell foam underlayment over the length of the room and cut it to size (image 2).

Step 2

Tape seams of foam mat for watertight seal

Place the Foam Mat

Set the foam mat in place with the plastic side down. This will act as a moisture barrier for the floor. Tape the seams for a watertight seal.

Step 3

start with half planks on second row for stability

Cut and Place the Laminate

Lay the full board in place and measure where the cuts need to be made. With a miter or chop saw, cut through the measured laminate materials. For more stability, the second row of laminate materials should start with half planks so the seams of the planks are staggered throughout the room.

Step 4

Place the Rest of the Pieces

After the first row, lock the long side of the plank and use a wood block to drive the short sides together. Have another person stand on the piece receiving the next plank. This will keep the rest of the floor from shifting during installation. The rest of the room lays out the same way piece by piece.