Find a Suitable Location for Towel Warmer

Follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety precautions for installation. Begin by determining the most suitable location for the towel warmer. Attach the legs onto the frame, securing them with screws. The legs serve as spacers that hold the towel-warming rack at the proper distance from the wall.

Step 1


Verify Assembly is Level

Set the assembly in place and mark the location of all four legs on the wall tile. Use a torpedo level to ensure that the assembly is perfectly level.

Step 2

Pre-Drill Holes for the Toggle Bolts

The legs are anchored securely to the tile wall using toggle bolts. Pre-drill the holes for the toggle bolts, through both the tile and drywall, using a ceramic tile bit. This specialized bit minimizes the risk of cracking the tile. The template provided will help for marking the center point of the legs for precise placement of the holes. Srew the toggle bolts into the pre-drilled holes.

Step 3


Make Electrical Connections

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the electrical connections. Strip the casing on the lead wire then connect the wires, according to the instructions, using wire nuts. Attach the cover plate on the electrical junction box.

Step 4


Secure the Towel Warmer Into Place

Place the towel warmer and secure the legs in position by tightening the set screws using an Allen wrench.