Step 1

disconnect appliances

Disconnect the Appliances

Disconnecting the dryer vent from its connection at the wall, and unplug the dryer plug. Disconnect the washer by turning the hot and cold water off at the source. Use a pair of slip-joint pliers to take the hoses off each valve. Before starting the plumbing, shut off the house water at the main using a curb key.

Step 2

Tap Into the Pipes

Mark where the connection will go and use a pair of PVC shears to cut into the hot and cold water lines (Image 1). Make sure to have a bucket handy to collect any water left in the lines. Dry off the pipes, then glue in a 'T' adaptor (Image 2).

Step 3

install an isolation valve

Install an Isolation Valve

Install an isolation valve just past the point where the water lines were tapped. Apply glue to the appropriate 90-degree adaptors and then run the new water lines to the washing machine area.