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Repurposing a Room for Holiday Dining

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Tools & Materials

Bar stools
Sofa table
Folding banquet table
Wooden pallet
Ready-made legs w/ hardware
Skill saw
Power drill
Wood screws
Accent pillows
Folding round tables
Armless folding chairs
Area rugs
Battery-powered wall-mount lights
LED pillar candles

Tips for Repurposing a Room

TIP: For extra holiday dining, repurpose a room.

1. Protect floor with area rugs.

2. Cover sofa table with tablecloth and add bar stools.

3. Set long, folding table in front of sofa to create banquette.

4. Build simple holiday bench out of wooden pallet.

TIP: Cut 15 to 18 inches from pallet; sand lightly; add leg hardware; screw on legs. Width should be full pallet width of 40 inches; height should be 18 to 20 inches.

TIP: Use holiday pillows for cushions.

5. Set up round, folding tables with armless folding chairs.

TIP: Round tables hold more guests than long tables.

6. Hang battery-powered wall-mount lights.

7. Light tables with LED pillar candles.