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Replacing a Toilet (page 2 of 3)

Follow these instructions for removing an old toilet and installing a new one.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Remove the Toilet

Disconnect the toilet supply tube from the toilet stop.

Shift the toilet back and forth while lifting it off the flange. If you're working alone, remove the tank by unbolting it from the bowl before you attempt lifting the toilet from the flange.

To prevent sewer gases from entering your bathroom, stuff a rag into the drain opening.

Scrape all the old wax from the flange, and check for cracks. If the flange is cracked, replace it. Be sure to wear gloves when scraping off the old wax.

Install New Bolts and Wax Seal

Place the new toilet bolts in the flange with the bolts pointing up.

Remove the rag from the toilet drain, and place a wax seal on the flange. Squeeze enough wax onto the bolts to hold them upright. Use a deep-seat wax seal when replacing older water toilets.

use standard wax seals in newer homes

Courtesy of Blake Brinkman