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Replacing a Toilet (page 1 of 3)

Follow these instructions for removing an old toilet and installing a new one.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Remove the Lid and Drain the Tank

Shut off the water supply to the toilet by firmly closing the supply valve.

Remove the tank lid, and flush the toilet, holding the lever down to let as much water drain from the tank as possible. Use a sponge to soak up the excess water in the tank and a plunger to force as much water as possible out of the bowl.

Remove the Caps and Nuts

Pop the caps from the base of the bowl.

Remove the nuts with an open-ended wrench. You may need to hold the bolt still with a pair of needle-nose pliers. If the nut is rusted to the bolt, you may have to break it off.

remove nut with wrench by holding bolt with pliers

Courtesy of Blake Brinkman

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