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Replace a Damaged Plug

If you've damaged your plug beyond repair, attach a new one to your electrical cord.

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old cord gets new life with new plug
  • Time

    1 hour

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Remove the Old Plug

Cut the damaged plug off the end of the power cord. Leave about 2" of cord attached to the plug (Image 1) so you can determine which electrical prong is attached to the neutral wire.

In most cases, the wire to the wider (neutral) prong is ribbed or identified with a white stripe (Image 2).

Separate the power cord wires, then strip about 3/4" of insulation from each wire.

Step 2: Connect the New Plug

Open up the replacement plug (Image 1) by snapping it apart or unscrewing the retaining screws (Image 2).

Insert the power cord through the body of the plug. Bend the ends of the wires into hook shapes, and loop each onto a terminal screw. Make sure the neutral wire is attached to the terminal connected to the large prong. Tighten the terminal screws securely.

Snap the completed plug together or replace the retaining screws.