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Reface Kitchen Cabinets with New Doors

Replacing appliances is one way to give your kitchen a new facelift. FDIY expert Paul Ryan shows how to adapt old kitchen cabinets to fit new, larger appliances.

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  • wood glue
  • wood screws
  • water-based polyurethane sealer
  • hinge installation kit
  • European-style cup hinges
  • joint biscuits
  • wood veneer tape
  • birch plywood


  • clamps
  • cordless drill
  • table saw
  • tape measure
  • steel square
  • self-centering drill bit
  • screwdriver bits




  • 3x3 glass tiles (model: IG21/brand name: Cross-colors mosaic trims); 1x6 liner bars (model: IG24/colors: Blue Topaz and Amathyst/brand name: Cross-colors mosaic trims) from Crossville Ceramics/Crossville Porcelain Stone