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Quick Room Makeover

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Tools & Materials

Interior wall paint
Paint tray
Paint roller
Painter’s tape
Drop cloth
Staples & stapler
Peel-and-stick wallpaper
Straight edge
Power drill
Wood screws
Bamboo shades

Tips for a Quick Room Makeover

TIP: Small projects equal big differences in the look of a room.

1. Patch and sand walls.

TIP: Staple sandpaper to woodblock to make sanding easier.

2. Paint three walls.

TIP: To prevent built-up edges, roll on paint in 3x3 W; then fill in without lifting roller.

3. Wallpaper fourth wall.

TIP: Use peel-and-stick paper and you won’t need paste.

TIP: Precut and number panels; you can reposition them if they don’t match.

4. Paint door gloss or semi-gloss; it will be easier to keep clean.

TIP: Protect hardware with rubber cement; cut edges to remove when paint is dry.

TIP: Slip cardboard under door to catch drips.

TIP: If door is solid, roll on paint; if door is paneled, use brush starting with panels, then verticals, then horizontals and edges.

5. Hang bamboo shades.