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Pet Friendly Landscaping

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Tools & Materials

Cedar chips
Pine straw
Garden shovel
Dog bones and toys
Wireless pet fence
Wireless pet barrier

Getting Started

Tip: With pet-friendly landscaping, you can have it both ways: a beautiful lawn and a happy dog.

Start by reinforcing dog’s habits.

Creating the Landscape

Turn dog’s running track into mulch pathway.

Tip: Cover it with cedar chips or pine straw; cedar repels fleas; pine straw doesn’t stick to muzzles and isn’t as tasty as dark mulch.

To keep dog from digging up lawn, create out-of-the-way digging pit filled with sand.

Tip: Train dog to dig there by burying bones and toys.

Installing the Fence

Install exterior fence.

Tip: Wireless system can be adjusted to any size and needs no buried wires.

Use small wireless barriers to keep dog out of flowers and vegetables.

Tip: Many common plants, such as wisteria and foxglove, are toxic to pets.