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Family Passion Building Projects


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Tools & Materials

Child’s workbench
Block of wood
Wood screws
Safety goggles
Close-toed shoes
Long-sleeved shirt
Safety gloves
Measuring tape
Coping saw
Ready-made legs
Leg plates
Wood screws
Dog bed cushion

Tips for Passing It On

Pass down DIY skills that will last a lifetime.

Make a Workbench

1. Help child make workbench out of repurposed table.

2. Replace original legs with adjustable legs.

TIP: Match height to child’s wrists and raise bench as he/she grows.

3. Make learning to use tools safety a part of every project.

4. Insert wood screws into block of wood.

5. Practice painting on drywall scrap.

6. Teach child to plan ahead by measuring lumber to fit a template.

Build a Pet Bed

1. Help child build pet bed.

2. Make an open wood box.

3. Pre-drill and attach leg plates.

4. Attach ready-made legs.

5. Paint.

6. Add thick, soft cushion.

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