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Palm Tree Mural and Tropical Accents

With a few creative brushstrokes, add a palm tree, floral headboard and stamped accents to your child's room to bring out tropical floral and fauna to the decor.

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add tropical mural,headboard and accents to room
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Step 1: Paint a Palm Tree Mural

Paint the trunk, then lightly wipe the trunk from top to bottom using cheesecloth.

Pull a leaf from base to point in an arc using a smaller, flat brush. Use the full width of the brush to create texture. Pull a leaf again using a thin side of the brush.

Using the flat edge will help you create the leaf fronds, while the thinner edge will help you create thinner, more-pointed leaves and center stems.

Paint colors for palm tree, leaves and trunk: green, brown and white.

painted palm tree adds tropical feel to room

Step 2: Paint a Flowering Headboard

Use chalk to draw vines, then paint over chalk lines using an artist's brush and green paint.

Dip brush in green, then lightly dip in white. Paint leaf. Paint flower petals (in colors of choice) by giving the artist's brush a little twist.

paint a flowering headboard

Step 3: Paint Stamped Accents

Use rubber stamps to add delightful butterflies and fun around the chalkboard doors.

Dab painted on raised stamp motif, then press lightly on cardboard to remove an excess paint. Press firmly on wall, then pull away. Use paint marker to add details