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Painting Techniques

This DIY Basic will provide tips on painting techniques.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:
interior paint
ergonomic paint roller with soft cover
trim tools — brushes and trim kit
blue painter's tape
easy drop protective mat

Prep for the Project

For an easy color update, paint a room. You'll be a lot happier with the process and the results if you use the right tools.

An ergonomic paint roller makes painting walls and ceilings easy. For crisp, clean trim, use special trim tools and painter's tape.

Painting parts of the room in the right order is very important.

Paint Where the Ceiling Meets the Wall

Start by brushing a 2-inch strip where ceiling meets wall.

Hold brush near base of handle.

Dip half the bristles into paint and tap on lip; DO NOT wipe the brush on side of can.

Paint the Entire Ceiling

Using roller with extension pole, start painting in one corner and work across short side of ceiling filling in the entire ceiling area.

Roll roller slowly into paint in tray, then roll back and forth until roller cover is evenly coated.

Roll onto ridges to remove excess paint.

Tip: For an even coat, be sure to maintain a wet edge.

Paint the Walls, Then Paint the Trim

Brush a 2-inch strip along edges of walls where they meet the ceiling and lower trim.

Roll the wall in two-foot squares using N pattern; then cross roll to spread paint; finish with light strokes in one direction at right angle to cross roll.

Brush paint on trim.

Tip: For whole-house harmony, paint adjoining rooms in lighter or darker shades of first color.