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Painting Patterns With Tape

Learn how to customize a wall with tape and paint.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

painter's tape
wall paint, base color
wall paint, accent color
5-in-1 tool
laser level
paint roller and nap cover
hair dryer

Choose Pattern and Paints

Custom walls are easy if you paint your own patterns.

Choose two colors of interior wall paint: base coat and accent color. You could use two different sheens of the same color: i.e,. glossy and flat.

Tip: Use chevrons to create wainscoting, stripes to make walls look taller, or accent a mirror with a trellis pattern.

Practice, Then Begin Painting

Practice patterns on poster board before painting on wall.

First, apply base color.

Use Tape to Create Pattern

Use tape to create shape of pattern.

Tip: So paint can't seep underneath, get painter's tape with treated edges for a strong seal.

Mark lines with laser level.

Press on tape and burnish with 5-in-1 painter’s tool.

Apply Accent Color

Apply accent color over tape and remove immediately to help prevent new paint from tearing.

Use tape to paint customized patterns on accessories and furniture.

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