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Painting Over Dark Colors

Painting over a dark wall color can be difficult. Get step-by-step instructions on how to make the job easier.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

microfiber cloth
laundry detergent and water
paint scraper
flat-fine-toothed file
wet-dry sandpaper
mineral oil
spackling knife
220-grit sandpaper
paint and primer in one
rollers with nap covers
paint tray

Clean the Walls

Painting over dark colors is easy if you have the right prep and products.

Dust walls with microfiber cloth. If walls are greasy, wash them solution of 3 tablespoons laundry detergent to one gallon water.

Scrape away loose paint. Sharpen paint scraper with flat, fine-toothed file, then wet-dry sandpaper and mineral oil.

Sand and Smooth the Walls

Rough up glossy patches with 220-grit sandpaper. Use sanding block for firmer grip.

Sand smooth edges of painted stripes and stencils, otherwise they'll show through new paint.

Apply Primer and Paint

Apply primer and paint to keep dark color from showing through.

Tip: To save time and effort, use all-in-one primer and paint.

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