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Painting Accent Wall Frames

This DIY Basic will provide tips on painting accent wall frames.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Gather Your Materials and Tools

Use painter's tape and three colors of paint to create accent wall panels and a faux chair rail.

Materials and Tools:

drop cloth
painter's tape
flexible putty knife
light base color paint
dark and light accent paints
roller with cover
laser level

Step 3: Prep the Wall

Start by cleaning wall and letting it dry. Tape off woodwork and ceiling.

Prime wall.

Paint base color on wall. The base color will be color of chair rail and border frames.

Step 4: Mark the Chair Rail Area With Tape

Measure from floor and mark height of chair rail.

Tip: Standard chair rail height is 2/3 distance from ceiling, 1/3 from floor.

Using laser level, mark horizontal line at bottom edge of chair rail.

Tightly tape chair rail area with painter's tape, pressing down tape with flexible putty knife to achieve sharp paint lines.

Tip: Use multiple strips of painter's tape for wider chair rail.

Step 5: Mark the Wall Frames With Tape

Measure and mark sides of frames above and below chair rail.

Use laser level to draw and mark horizontal and vertical borders around frame.

Mask frame borders with painter's tape, pressing down tape tightly with flexible putty knife.

Step 6: Paint the Wall

Using paint roller, paint wall outside frames with darker wall color.

Paint inside of frames with lighter wall color.

Make sure paint is dry, typically 12 to 24 hours, before removing tape.

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