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Painting a Double-Hung Window

This DIY Basic will provide tips on painting a double-hung window.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

paint scraper
80- or 120-grit sandpaper
primer and paint
painter's tape or trim guard
angled sash brush
drop cloth
fine steel wool

Prep the Area

The key to painting a double-hung window is keeping the sections apart. If window sashes are removable, place them on workbench.

Protect floor with drop cloth.

Remove all hardware.

Prep the Window

Soak hardware in vinegar-water solution to remove grime.

Scrape away loose paint with paint scraper.

Sand surfaces.

Tip: Raise and lower window sections to reach hidden surfaces.

Prime and Caulk

Tape glass with painter's tape or use trim guard.

Prime window sections. Use oil-based primer for metal, water-based for wood.

Caulk joints and gaps in sashes, jambs and trim. Caulk gaps between pane and sash.

Paint the Window

Apply paint with angled sash brush.

Tip: Do not get paint in window channels.

Raise and lower sashes to reach hidden parts.

To keep window sections from sticking, apply thin layers of paint in two or three even coats. Let coats dry completely before closing sashes.

Paint jambs and trim.

Clean hardware with fine steel wool before replacing.