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How to Paint Decorative Patterns on Furniture

Learn how to paint decorative patterns and lines on closets, shelves and toy chests.

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paint decorative patterns on furniture
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Step 1: Paint a Toy Rack

  • To embellish the toy rack, first coat both ends of the rack using white latex paint.

  • When paint has dried, mask tape evenly on sides to create square shapes.

  • Apply a combination of colors (here, the colors range from green to violet to fit with the overall color scheme). Avoid painting up to taped lines so that irregular patterns are created.
  • embellish toy rack with paint

Step 2: Paint a Toy Chest

Next, coat the toy chest with latex paint. When base coat has dried, add free-hand daisy patterns to lid, using various shades of bright pastel paint.

paint decorative patterns on furniture

Step 3: Paint Closet Doors

  • For the closet doors, the latex paint base coat is applied, then three parts glaze and one part latex paint is combined to create a top coat glaze. When the base coat is dry, the top coat is added. Run a dry brush through the paint to match the pattern of the wood grain.

    Paint colors used for toy rack (all from Kelly Moore):

    Country Cotton (OW204-1) for base coat
    Pink Carnation (KM3669-2)
    Shamrock Green (KM3272-5)
    Saffron Smile (KM3477-2)
    Barrymore (KM3053-2)

    Paint used for toy chest (all from Kelly Moore):

    Sweet Celery (KM3422-3) - base coat
    Pink Carnation (KM3669-2)
    Saffron Smile (KM3477-2)
    Barrymore (KM3053-2)

    Paint used for closet doors (all from Kelly Moore):

    Sweet Celery (KM3422-3) - top coat
    Soft Honey (KM3473-1) - base coat

    paint closet doors to match wood grain
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