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Dorm Room Decorating: Big Style in a Small Space

Made + Remade Aug 28, 2015 by Ellen Foord

Can you feel the nervous energy in the air? It’s back to school season and with that comes the mad scramble to personalize even the most drab, dingy, and minuscule of dorm rooms. It’s no secret that the struggle to dress up a dorm room can be overwhelming. But fear not! I’ve rounded up the [...]

It’s Time: Get Started On Outdoor Fall Maintenance

Made + Remade Aug 26, 2015 by Emily Fazio

I’m not wishing the last few weeks of summer away, but I feel Fall right around the corner. Cool air in the mornings, better sleeping at night, and delightful campfires that feel appropriately toasty (I think gone are the days of stifling in the humidity–phew, campfires on 90-degree evenings are a bad idea). As our [...]

Get Ready For Fall: Make This DIY Boot Brush

Made + Remade Aug 26, 2015 by Emily Fazio

Even in a “take your shoes off” house, the dust and dirt from the yard can infiltrate deep beyond the entryway. And don’t get me started on snow – our soles get so wedged with snowballs that some days you might think that I tossed a shovel of snowplow sludge on the floor to melt. [...]

Simply the Best of QuiltWeek 2015

Made + Remade Aug 21, 2015 by Lish Dorset

As we were heading out of our house on vacation last week, my husband casually commented to me, “Oh! Did you hear there’s some quilt show happening not too far from where we’ll be staying? I just heard a story about it. It’s called Quilt… something?” The happening he was referring to was the American [...]

Creative Genius: Nathan Winkler and Steel Quilt Workshop

Made + Remade Aug 21, 2015 by Michelle Reynolds

I’ve heard of a barn quilt before, but when I heard the term steel quilt, I was most intrigued. A steel quilt is Nathan Winkler’s take on a barn quilt. His fascination for barn quilts and his subsequent creation of the Steel Quilts Company began with a trip to Iowa. Nathan and his mother drove [...]

Materials Mix: Make a Quilt Block From Repurposed Steel and Wood

Made + Remade Aug 21, 2015 by Michelle Reynolds

A dozen participants, eleven women and one man, gathered together on a beautiful Saturday morning at Lura Campbell’s quilting studio in Helena, Alabama, for a four-hour workshop offered by Nathan Winkler of the Steel Quilt Company on how to make a quilt block with wood, steel, and tacks. >> Learn more about Nathan and the [...]

Before and Afters: 9 Creative Driveway and Pathway Updates on a Budget

Made + Remade Aug 21, 2015 by Made + Remade Crew

Laying down a new pathway or updating your driveway may sounds like a troublesome splurge, but in reality, it’s a totally affordable DIY, and it does wonders for improving your curb appeal. Before the season ends and the colder weather sets in, give your paved outdoor places a little TLC, and impress passers-by — on [...]

Going Solar With Google’s Project Sunroof

Made + Remade Aug 21, 2015 by Mick Telkamp

“We have this handy fusion reactor in the sky called the sun,” Elon Musk, solar energy magnate and CEO of Tesla Motors, reminds us. “You don’t have to do anything, it just works. It shows up every day.” And with orders for Tesla’s new whole-home battery far exceeding production rate, and solar panel costs at [...]

Shop Handmade From 50 Makers, One in Every State

Made + Remade Aug 20, 2015 by Laurie March

Working as the Design Coordinator for DIY Network’s Blog Cabin 2015 was a truly magical experience. Along with my best buddy, Project Manager Dylan Eastman, we were able to see this cabin’s creation from the ground up. The building itself is so beautiful, when it came time to fill it with home décor, we knew [...]

Address Your Address With DIY House Number Ideas

Made + Remade Aug 17, 2015 by Emily Fazio

This summer, I’ve been knee deep in curb appeal projects – I’ve finished updating the front door with a fresh coat of paint, landscaping (transplanting success), edged everything, and even made custom house numbers made from cut cement board. The DIY house numbers project was easy, adaptable (make them your own by choosing your own font!), [...]