Do a Once-over, then Sweep and Clean

Check the driveway surface for cracks. Remove dirt and debris from larger cracks with your 5-in-1 tool. Then fill them with a driveway patch (available at your local hardware store). Make sure to fill the cracks completely and then smooth them over with the trowel.

Give the driveway a good sweeping and scrape off any gunk that might be embedded in the asphalt. Hose off the driveway to get the surface as clean as possible.

Step 1

Dress for Mess

Put on some old clothes. Cover your shoes with plastic bags to protect them from splatter.

Step 2

Whip up Sealer, then Spread

Stir the driveway sealer for 15 minutes or until it is an even consistency.

Pour sealer in a line down the center of the driveway. You want to spread the layer of sealant as thinly as possible to cover the entire surface. Use a squeegee to pull the sealer from the center to each side. Continue until the driveway is completely covered.

Step 3

Let Dry

It takes a few hours to dry and overnight to cure so avoid walking on it and certainly don't park on it until it is fully cured.