Step 1



Remove Door From Hinges

Remove door by removing hinge pins. Lay door on a flat surface, such as two sawhorses.

Step 2



Sand the Door

Use a palm sander with fine grit to give the door a light sanding. Keep the palm sander moving. If you leave it too long in one spot, you'll damage the wood.

Safety note: Wear safety glasses when using a palm sander. A dust mask might be necessary as well.

Step 3

Wipe and Condition

After sanding, wipe with a tack cloth to remove all dust. Follow with a pre-conditioner that will help the wood absorb the stain more evenly.

Step 4



Stain the Door

Next, use a stain. We used a color called Early American because it matched the style of the house.

Step 5

Varnish, Dry, Mount

After the stain dries, finish with a varnish to protect the wood.
Mount the finished door.