Choosing The Right Table

In order for the table lamp to fit into the center, you’ll need a picnic table made from solid wood. Pine is often the most affordable, easy to cut and takes paint well. 

Step 1

Find The Centerpoint

Use measuring tape to determine the center of the table, then mark it with a pencil.

Step 2

Drill Hole

Attach a hole-saw bit to the drill, then add pressure to the drill to create a hole through the pencil mark on the table.

Step 3

Paint Table and Benches

Load latex paint into the sprayer, then coat the entire table by holding the sprayer 8 inches from the surface, then moving back and forth in slow, controlled spurts. With the paint sprayer loaded, coat the benches with the same paint used on the table.

Step 4

Update Harp and Add Riser

In order for the table lamp to look proportionate to the table, it’s likely you’ll need a larger lampshade. To change the lamp shade and ensure it sits at the proper height above the table, remove the existing harp.

Ready-made lampshade harps may not be tall enough to support your new lampshade. In order to ensure it sits at the right height, screw a riser to the top. Risers are often found in 1/2”, 1” and 2” sizes

Step 5

Slide Lamp Through Table

With the help of a friend, slide the top of the floor lamp through the hole in the picnic table. Once the floor lamp is through the hole, add the harp, riser and lamp shade.

Photo by: Rustic White Photography, LLC

Rustic White Photography, LLC