Step 1

Choose the Vases

The exterior light bulb must fit through the opening of the vase. Take a bulb with you shopping or make sure it fits through old vases you already own. Find one vase that stands out and make that your centerpiece for the chandelier.

Step 2


Drill Holes into Vases

A hole needs to be drilled into the bottom of each vase to secure the light bulb and connect it to the lighting wire. Using a glass diamond bit and a small amount of water, drill carefully into the center of each vase. Press gently down as your drill the vase.

Step 3


Insert Socket and Rod

Set the light socket inside the vase and thread it through with a rod that fits.

Step 4


Attach Wire Through Rod

Using landscape low-voltage lighting wire, run wire through the top of the rod.

Step 5


Mount Chandelier

Using eyebolts, hang chandelier from top of patio or gazebo, run wire at different lengths for a staggered look. Use galvanized wire to support the weight of the chandelier, so the lighting wire doesn't rip out of the vase. Run wire to the transformer.