Clean the Asphalt

Use a push broom to sweep the driveway very well. Use a shop vacuum to clean up any remaining loose debris in the area. Use soap and water and a stiff-bristle brush to finish cleaning the driveway. If engine oil has leaked onto the asphalt, use a specially formulated cleaning solution to remove it.

Step 1

bead of filler in crack prevents moisture damage

Photo By: Lucie Rowe

Lucie Rowe

Repair Cracks

Apply a generous bead of crack filler directly into cracks. Use a putty knife to smooth out the filler so that it is flush with the driveway.

Step 2

sealer applied to wet driveway with brushes

Photo By: Lucie Rowe

Lucie Rowe

Seal the Driveway

Barricade the driveway to prevent cars from entering before the sealant has had a chance to dry. Cover any plants or landscaping with plastic to prevent the chemicals from spilling into unwanted areas. Apply sealant according to manufacturer's instructions. Use a special brush and squeegee to spread it uniformly across the surface.