Step 1

Draw Out Fire Bowl Radius

Figure out the radius for the stone block. This radius depends on the size of the sugar kettle and stacking blocks. Mark radius.

Step 2

Dig a Footing for Stone Block

Dig a 6" footing for the stone and fill half way with base rock. Make sure the rock is level. Add a 1" layer of sand for blocks to maneuver level onto.

Step 3


Set Stone Blocks

Set first course of blocks along radius mark. Butt the ends of the stone up and make sure that each stone sits level. Use a rubber mallet to pound each block in place. Once the first course is set, begin setting next course. Stagger the blocks along the seams of the first course, like a brick wall. This creates a stronger fire wall. Adhere the blocks with cement epoxy and make sure they sit level. Continue to stack blocks to desired height.

Step 4


Add Sugar Kettle

Fill the ring three-quarters of the way full with base rock or use a stand for the fire bowl to rest on. Make sure the lip of the sugar kettle sits higher than the top block. Adjust so the sugar kettle sits level. Enjoy.