Step 1


Build the Frames

Build two frames out of 1x4s. Each is 44" tall and 42" wide.

Step 2

Make the Screen

Use a pneumatic staple gun to attach 1' x 3' cedar planks to the frame to make the screen (Image 1). We chose cedar for its weather resistance. Drill pilot holes for the wrought-iron hinges, which will join the frames. The hinges will allow the homeowner to easily fold up and remove the screen when the A/C unit needs to be serviced. We chose wrought iron because it matches the style of the house. Attach the wrought-iron hinges with screws (Image 2). Attach the cane bolts with the mounting bracket and screws that are supplied with the bolts (Image 3). Cane bolts are often used to secure gates.

Step 3


Place the Screen

Place screen in front of AC unit and secure bolts in ground.