16 Pin-Worthy Pergolas

We've got pergolas that are traditional, modern and rustic — and even one with a ceiling made of rope.

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Photo By: Jamie Rector ©2011, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Jamie Rector ©2011, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The Pergola, Defined

Oxford Dictionaries define a pergola as "an archway in a garden or park consisting of a framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants." This cutie is the very definition of the word!

Rope on the Roof

This hexagonal dining pergola uses rope to create a web design, through which you can see the sky. Design by The Outdoor Room With Jamie Durie

Turquoise With a Purpo(i)se

Bright colors provide a focal point in a small garden. You can get a similar decorative punch by painting furniture or your favorite garden gnome.

Blog Cabin 2013 at Sunrise

Viewers chose this pergola for DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2013, which is located along the Crystal Coast in North Carolina. The new arbor was constructed eight feet to the left of the property's original muscadine grape-covered arbor.

Pergola Master

Licensed contractor Matt Blashaw, building a pergola on his show Yard Crashers, also helped build the beautiful arbors at DIY Blog Cabin 2013.

Blog Cabin 2013's Ocean View

"At the end of my two-day build, I took my work boots off and walked to the edge of the dock," says Matt. "The wind was gently blowing and the sun was setting, casting a beautiful red glow on the water. It was so quiet that I could hear every wave lap onto the shore. It is truly a magical place."


Jamie Durie put a new spin on stairs, by turning them into pergolas and adorning them with potted bonsai trees.

Make an Entrance

Designer Brian Patrick Flynn shows you how to make a garden arbor from old doors.

Decorative Climbers

Climbing roses and decorative vines can be trained to grow across the top of your open pergola, creating a shady spot that's perfect for lazy summer afternoons. Bonus: Check out 20 Ways to Create Shade for Your Outdoor Room.

Flower Border and Flagstone Path

HGTV fan, Garden Fanatic, created this pretty plant border with a flagstone path leading up to a raised deck.

Lanterns Light the Way

As seen in HGTV's Going Yard, this backyard hosts a custom picnic table, blue-stone patio and a fire pit area finished with pea stone. The lanterns on posts lead you into the inviting space.

Somewhere in the Indian Ocean ....

Lounge poolside in your luxury beach villa in the Maldives — or at least imagine you are. Image courtesy Viceroy Hotels and Resorts

Vertical Garden

Jamie Durie's at it again, creating a beautiful outdoor room by planting orchids right up the walls.

Rooftop Kitchen

This rooftop kitchen features a state-of-the-art grilling area, a bar with a granite countertop and fridge and a dining table under a pergola with retractable canopies. Design by Kitchen Crashers

Light With Whimsy

Designer Sandy Koepke gave this outdoor dining room a playful take on lighting with a potted-plant-and-candle chandelier and lanterns on the table.

Portrait of a Landscape Designer at Rest

Here's Jamie Durie, taking a break from filming. Click to the next slide for the reveal of this amazing poolside retreat.

Pull Up a Bench

Slide onto one of these extra-long built-in benches, poolside. Maybe Jamie will bring you a drink. Design by The Outdoor Room With Jamie Durie

Metal and Brick

Designer Marie Allen goes big with a couple of non-traditional elements, brick and steel, in this extravagant outdoor room.

A Living Pergola

Erect wooden or metal columns and then train plants, like the wisteria shown here, to grow over them. We'll help you choose the right plant for your yard.

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