Step 1

Watch an Overview Video

Step 2

use stakes and string to mark out shape of patio

Decide on Size and Location

You'll need to determine and locate the size and location of your patio. Use stakes and string to mark the shape, making sure sides are parallel and corners are square.

Remove the grass within the outline. Dig down approximately 7-1/2" to allow room for the base layers. Gently slope about 1" for every 4' to allow for drainage.

Step 3

for base layer 4 inches of gravel and tamp down

Lay a Base

Now for the base. Start with a layer of gravel about 4" thick and tamp it down. Be sure that the layer of gravel is level. Spread about an inch of sand over the area and level that using two screed poles and a 2 x 4. Fill in low spots along the way. Remove the screed poles and fill in with sand.

Step 4

start laying pavers at one corner and press down

Complete the Patio

It's time for the pavers. Starting at one corner, place each brick next to each other on the sand. Press the pavers down rather than sliding them across the sand to prevent disruption of the base. To cut a paver use a chisel and a hammer.

When your patio is completely laid, frame with aluminum edging and secure with landscaping nails. Sweep sand into all the surface cracks and then give your new patio a shower.