Step 1


Prep the Area

The quantities needed for the materials vary with your own particular application. Take the dimensions to a local materials supplier, where they will calculate the amount of each product needed. Always wear eye protection and follow proper safety precautions when working with power tools or pneumatic tools.

Map out the design using marking paint and then dig out the patio. Dig holes for the footing for the wall. In this case, the footing needs to be 14" deep. Add rebar for extra support.

Step 2


Start Setting Pavers

Begin setting the pavers for the patio. Use a rubber mallet to keep the pavers tight against each other and packed in place. The base should be smooth and level, and break the joints by offsetting each row. This creates a more appealing design.

Step 3


Prepare to Set the Wall

Lay out flex pipe and trace the inside line for the planting bed. This is where the double faced sitting wall starts. Using a gas saw, cut out the traced line. Dig a footing for the wall, and start setting it. Dig trenches and lay down electric wire for the wall lights.

Step 4


Construct the Wall

Use an adhesive to glue the blocks together. Connect the lights.

Step 5


Add the Caps

Mark and cut the caps to fit snug along the curves, and secure the caps in place.