Extreme Party Deck

Combined with a screened-in porch, this deck provides room for entertaining.
deck showcases lattice work and tall staircase

deck showcases lattice work and tall staircase


Photo by: Lucie Rowe

Lucie Rowe

Because of its size and scope, our next extreme deck features plenty of room for entertaining, which is what the homeowners wanted, says contractor Hamilton Brock, of Graham Vannoy Construction Company in Rising Fawn, Ga.

The deck railings were painted white for continuity purposes in order to match the outside of the house, but the rail cap is finished wood.

The focal point of the deck is the screened-in porch, which features the same cedar decking and a ceiling fan. "Basically with the decking already in place," Brock says, "and the flooring system being all the same, in order to get to this point [an extra room for the house] you can really just raise your support posts all the way to ceiling height, put on a roof, wrap in some screening and you've got a whole new room."

According to your budget, you can make this type of extreme deck as elaborate as you desire — for example, a sound system, nice furniture. In other words, the perfect party palace.

Another unique feature of the screened-in porch is that the same railing and rail caps that were used out on the deck are used in the porch.

One last point about this deck is that the lattice work was custom built because it's a bit larger than standard. It's perfect for hiding your lawnmower and other materials and supplies.

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