Tips for Using a Log Splitter

A log splitter can be a very useful tool for cutting firewood, or cleaning up from having a tree cut. Check out these helpful tips and information on using a motorized log splitter.
log splitter is useful tool for cutting firewood

log splitter is useful tool for cutting firewood

Electric log splitters are usually very portable and will split logs of about 24 inches in length and 10 inches in diameter.

The bed of the splitter has a track in the center to prevent the log from rolling. A metal plate on one end works like the head of an axe. On the other end is a ram that works with hydraulics. The ram pushes the log forward toward the metal plate, which splits the log. The log splitter has a 1-3/4 HP motor, which produces four tons of splitting power.

Using an Electric Log Splitter:

First, make sure to release the hydraulic pressure before using the tool. A wing nut behind the axe head releases the pressure. When moving the tool, the pressure must be re-engaged.

Set the log on the machine. Place the log against the head first.

Next, push the green button to start the motor. Press both the green button and the lever near the green button together to push the ram forward. If one of them is let go, the ram will stop.

Release the yellow lever to return the ram to its original position.

Maintaining the Tool:

The tool has a dipstick that allows hydraulic oil to be checked. To check the fluid level, make sure the machine is unplugged, then use an Allen wrench to loosen the head of the dipstick. Check the fluid regularly.

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