Mulching and Bagging vs. Edging and Trimming

Should you mulch and bag or edge and trim? These are important questions when caring for your lawn. Here are some answers.
mulching mowers double cut grass blade

mulching mowers double cut grass blade

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Mulching or Bagging

Most experts recommend mulching. It puts nutrients back into your soil. Mulching mowers double cut the grass blade before depositing them back on the lawn. Bag if you want to keep things neater or if the grass has grown too long and there would be a lot of it lying on the lawn. If you can see the clippings lying in clumps on the lawn, you’ve let the lawn grow too long and will need to bag it. If you do bag it, consider using the clippings for compost. In the fall, you can run your mower over fallen leaves to mulch them. It cleans up the yard and adds more nutrients to the soil.

Edging and Trimming

An edger has a blade that spins vertically. It’s the tool used to create some definition between a lawn and pavement. Trimmers give a manicured look to lawns. Instead of a blade, they use nylon string that spins at a very high rate of speed. The string cuts away shaggy blades of grass. Since both devices spin so fast, wear long pants when operating so the flying debris doesn’t cut you. It’s also a good idea to wear eye protection. Some manufacturers have multiple tools on the market that are interchangeable with a single power pack. That causes less congestion in your shed or garage. Just snap the tool on to the power pack and get to work.

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