Step 1

Build the Base

Cut four lengths of 2x8 board: two at 5' long and two slightly shorter at 57". Assemble the square base with the two shorter boards inside the two longer boards. Drill pilot holes and connect boards at each corner with three 3-inch galvanized screws (Image 1). Use a staple gun to attach landscaping mesh to the inside of the frame to prevent grass and weeds from growing up through the sand (Image 2).

For the corner seats, lay a short section of 2x8 across a corner and mark the underside with a pencil (Image 3). Cut along the lines to create a seat. Repeat for other three seats. Position seats at corners and attach with screws.

Step 2

Frame the Roof

For the roof supports, cut two 2x4 boards to a length of 5-1/2'. Center a support on one side of the sandbox, making sure the bottom end is 6 inches down from the sandbox lip. Check that roof support is plumb and then clamp in place. (Image 1). Attach to sandbox with screws. Repeat for other roof support on opposite side.

Measure down 12 inches from the top of each roof support and mark a horizontal line. This is where the crossbars will be attached. Cut two 2x4 boards to a length of 5'. Holding the crossbar perpendicular to the roof support, align the center points of both boards. Clamp in place and attach with screws (Image 2). Repeat for other side.

For the ridge beam, cut a 2x4 board to a length of 5’. Attach it between the roof supports using screws (Image 3). For the fascia boards, cut two 2x4 boards to 5’ 3”. These are positioned between the ends of the crossbars on either side. Attach fascia boards to the crossbars with screws.

Step 3

DIY: Building A Covered Sandbox

DIY: Building A Covered Sandbox

Photo by: James Calloway

James Calloway

Cut and Attach the Rafters

To prepare the two center rafters, position a 2x4 so that it extends across the ridgepole and fascia. Using a straightedge, make vertical marks in the rafter that when cut will allow the board to be fitted between the ridgepole and fascia. Cut the rafter and attach between ridgepole and fascia with screws. Repeat on opposite side.

Step 4

Attach Roof and Paint

Measure and cut two pieces of 1/2” plywood that match the dimensions of each side of the roof. Position one piece of plywood on the roof and attach to ridgepole and rafters with screws. Butt the second piece of plywood up against the first and attach in the same manner. Prime then paint the roof with exterior latex. When dry, fill with kid-safe play sand.