Step 1


Place Birdhouses on Drop Cloth

Using a variety of styles and shapes will increase the visual impact of the collection.

Step 2


Prime Birdhouses

Apply a layer of primer to birdhouses. Let dry approximately one hour.

Step 3

Paint Birdhouses

Paint with multiple colors of acrylic paint. Using one color at a time, paint sections of each house (Image 1). Repeat process with next color. Let dry approximately one hour (Image 2).

Pro Tip

Paint bottom of houses; they will be seen from below.

Step 4


Apply Protective Finish

Spray birdhouses with clear polyurethane and allow to dry.

Step 5


Attach Hardware to Birdhouses

If birdhouses don't have rope loops on the back, attach two screw eyes and thread picture wire between eyes.

Step 6


Nail Hardware to Fence

Nail picture hangers to fence. Hang birdhouses that have screw eyes and picture-wire loops.

Step 7


Paint Hooks

Birdhouses that have rope loops on the back can be hung with screw hooks. Spray-paint screw hooks a decorative color.

Step 8


Twist Hooks into Fence

Twist painted screw hooks into fence. Hang birdhouses that have rope loops.

Pro Tip

Place birdhouses about one foot apart at various heights.