America's Most Desperate Landscape 2010: The Finalists

Kevin Richards and Marni Ratzel of Niwot, Col. have won the title of America's Most Desperate Landscape 2010. Here's a look at their competition.
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The Snells. Their front yard in Tewksbury, Mass. is full of rock — above and below ground. Matt and Aideen have put a lot of effort into their yard but still can't get plants to grow.

Desperate Landscape in Tewksbury, Mass.

The Snells have spent a lot of time and money taking down trees, but they're having trouble growing anything else. Their yard rests on rock, and the surface is littered with stone, including giant boulders. Check out the Snells’ desperate front yard. PLAY VIDEO.

Kevin and Marni. Kevin Richards and Marni Ratzel call their disheveled front yard in Niwot, Col., "rocky, rugged and ragged."

Desperate Landscape in Niwot, Col.

Bare dirt, rocks and weeds sum up Kevin and Marni's front yard. "To enjoy our yard is to imagine you're ... camping or hiking in the backcountry," they say. Check out the Richards’ desperate front yard. PLAY VIDEO.

The Biniamins. Yehuda and Nurit want a safe place for their children to play, but their yard has uneven surfaces and overgrown bushes.

Desperate Landscape in New Hyde Park, N.Y.

Locating the front door on the Biniamins' home is tricky: the front yard is a tangled mass of shrubbery. Check out the Biniamins’ desperate front yard. PLAY VIDEO.

The Whites. Nicole and Philip's yard in Houston is "bachelor pad decor gone wrong," says Nicole.

Desperate Landscape in Houston, Tex.

The rodeo motif may not be working in this yard: visitors to the Whites' home are greeted by two cedar posts, a couple of cow skulls and not much else. Check out the Whites’ desperate front yard. PLAY VIDEO.

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