Advice on Ordering Concrete

Hosts Dean Marsico and Derek Stearns give helpful tips on ordering concrete, including how to measure properly and how weather can affect your order.
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It may sound simple but there are a lot of things that could go wrong and cost you a ton of extra cash when you order concrete. If you're working on a large concrete project, Dean and Derek recommend calling a company that delivers concrete. Here are the things you should know when ordering:

  • Before you place your order, carefully measure the dimensions of the area that you need to fill — including length, width and depth.
  • Choose the right concrete company for the size of your job. Larger companies will only deliver a minimum of 4 cubic yards while smaller companies might deliver less. Once you give the company your dimensions, they'll let you know how many cubic yards of material you need — and whether or not they can fill your project. The concrete will cost roughly $100 or less per yard.
  • If your project requires a concrete pour of 6 inches or under, you should have the company reinforce the concrete with fiber which will add extra strength to the mix. The company will usually add one bag of fiber per yard of concrete (each bag costing roughly $8).
  • Before the delivery truck arrives, make sure your job site is completely prepped. A driver who has to sit around will charge you more money. In addition, concrete will only sit for about two to three hours before it starts to harden; allow for less time if it's hot out. With these tips, ordering concrete should be a cinch.

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