Ultimate Gardening Tools

Horticulturist and landscaping expert Hunter Stubbs discusses some of the tools that are necessary for creating the ultimate garden workshop.

collapsible wheelbarrow saves space

A collapsible wheelbarrow can help you save space in your workshop.


To conserve space in the workshop, a traditional wheelbarrow is replaced with a collapsible model. When not in use, this handy accessory can be washed out, folded flat and stored or hung against a wall.


blower straps on back of user like backpack

This blower straps on the back of the user like a backpack.

A professional-grade blower is included in our arsenal of yard tools. This advanced model has a gas-powered motor that straps on the back of the user like a backpack.

Gas-powered hedge-trimmers and a small chainsaw are also included.


tiller is handy tool for establishing garden space

A tiller is a handy tool to have when it comes to establishing flower and vegetable gardens.

A lightweight tiller is extremely useful for establishing flower and vegetable gardens and adding amendments to the soil. The small gas-powered motor is extremely lightweight and easy to operate. It comes with interchangeable implements so that this tool can serve other uses such as aerating or de-thatching a lawn.

Garden Bag

collapsible garden bag ideal for collecting leaves

A collapsible garden bag folds up for easy storage.

A collapsible garden bag is ideal for collecting leaves, yard debris or grass clippings. When not in use, it folds up for easy storage and can be hung on a wall.

Lawn Spreader

lawn spreader is great tool for maintaining lawn

A lawn spreader is a great tool to have in order to keep your lawn looking its best.

A lawn spreader is essential for establishing and maintaining a lawn. The spreader can be used to evenly disperse lawn seed, fertilizer or lime.


raised, tripod mounted lawn sprinkler for grass

A raised, tripod-mounted lawn sprinkler is ideal for ensuring even dispersal of water when watering lawns and beds.

The all-metal construction of the sprinkler head on this high-end sprinkler ensures that this lawn accessory will hold up well and operate for a long time.

Garden Cart

garden cart is workhorse of garden accessory

A garden cart is great for moving large objects around the garden.

A garden cart is a workhorse of a garden accessory. Easier to roll and control than an ordinary wheelbarrow, this cart is ideal for moving large potted plants, bags of soil, garden rocks and more.

Pole Pruner

pole pruner has pruning device and saw blade

A pole pruner allows you to safely prune high limbs.

A pole pruner has a pruning device and a saw-blade attached to a long handle. This tool can be used to safely prune high limbs without having to get onto a ladder.


garden workshop is organized for efficiency

This garden workshop is organized for efficiency and maximizing of usable space.

Specially designed "slat-walls" have slots so that tool-hangers, shelves and cabinets can easily be hung on the walls and repositioned with ease. For safety, make sure that tools with sharp edges or points — such as hoes or pitchforks — hang facing the wall.


pegboard above work surface organizes space

A pegboard above the work surface is ideal for hanging and organizing smaller tools.

There's plenty of counter space for use as a work surface, and storage both above and below the work surface.

Cleanup Sink

stainless steel sink aids potting and cleanup

A stainless-steel sink is great for cleanup.

The shop is equipped with a stainless-steel sink to aid with potting and cleanup. A customized potting station is positioned in close proximity to both the sink and the greenhouse entrance.

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