Step 1

dig a precise hole for shrub

Dig a Precise Hole

Dig a new planting hole where you intend to move the shrub before you dig it up. When you do dig up the plant, sever the roots around it by driving a shovel all the way around it — 12" to 15" from the center of the shrub. Then angle the shovel sharply to get to the roots directly beneath it, and begin cutting them as well.

Step 2

transfer shrub to tarp and drag it to new place

Drag Shrub to the New Hole

At this point you may need a little help. Place a tarp as close to the shrub as possible so that when you lift it out of the ground, you can transfer it to the tarp and drag it to the new planting site.

Step 3

Water the Shrub

Water the transplanted shrub well, and don't let the soil dry out. Apply a 3"- to 4"-layer of mulch around the base of the shrub.