Step 1

Prep the Box

Gather your tools and materials. Cut the felt to cover the bottom of the box and hot-glue it in place. This will prevent the box from scratching a countertop or table.

Step 2


Line the Box

Place three small grocery bags inside and over the edges of the box, one at a time. Make sure there are no rips or holes in the bags.

Step 3


Create a Buffer

Pour the glass beads or small rocks into the box. This will prevent collecting standing water in the bottom of the container.

Step 4


Line With Soil

Scoop some slightly moist soil into the box, filling it up to two inches from the top.

Step 5


Plant the Herbs

Remove the herbs from the original containers and loosen the roots by roughly massaging the bottom of the plants. Place each herb plant in the box and cover the roots with soil.

Step 6

Decorate With Burlap

Once all herbs are in place, hot-glue the burlap around the edge of the box with medium heat. Water the plants sparingly and watch them grow.