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There are many kinds of mushroom kits available. In addition to offering numerous types of mushrooms, there are kits for both outdoor and indoor growing. This article deals specifically with indoor shiitake mushroom kits. Shiitakes have a unique flavor that intensifies as they cook, making them excellent additions to stir-fries.

Step 1

Soak Package of Mushroom Spores in Water

Soak Package of Mushroom Spores in Water

Soak the Package

After opening the bag according to the directions, submerge the whole package in a large bucket of de-chlorinated water (chlorine kills the mushroom spores). Allow to soak overnight and then remove the log from the bucket and drain off the excess water.

Step 2

Set up Mushroom Log

Set up Mushroom Log

Position the Mushroom Log

Set the log where it will receive indirect natural light and where temperatures will stay between 60 and 75 degrees F. Stick skewers or bamboo stakes into the log and then drape the humidity tent over the entire package.

Step 3

Maintain the Moisture

Mist the bag with de-chlorinated water three or four times a day until the mushrooms begin to sprout. When the mushrooms reach about 3" wide, remove the humidity tent and let them continue to grow.

Step 4

Harvest Mushrooms with Scissors

Harvest Mushrooms with Scissors

Harvest the Shitakes

Mushrooms will typically be ready to harvest a week or so after sprouting. When the shiitakes are 5" to 6" in diameter, harvest by snipping them off at the base with scissors. Most mushroom kits will produce multiple crops.