Purchase Poles

Tepees are conical trellises that are used in the garden to support climbing crops such as beans, squash, peas and cucumbers. They can be made out of any number of materials, but 8' long and 1" diameter bamboo poles are ideal because of their strength and weather resistance.

Step 1

set poles in ground and angle toward center

Position Poles

Choose a spot on the north side of the vegetable garden so that the tall plants won't shade out other plants. Measure out a 4' square on the ground. Push one pole into each corner of the square. The goal is to sink each pole 10" deep while angling it toward the center.

Step 2

lash poles together to form cone

Lash Poles

Pull the four poles together in the middle and overlap the ends to form a cone. Using heavy-duty twine, lash them together where they intersect to hold them in place.