Geranium Colors

From vivid reds and pinks to elegant white and the recently introduced yellow, there are more hues of this garden favorite than you might imagine. 



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Zonal geraniums or pelargoniums, as they are scientifically known, come in a variety of colors. Much of the expansion beyond basic white, red and pink has come about thanks to cultivars. Here, we’ve rounded up a few top varieties of zonal and ivy geraniums to try in your home garden, along with a wild geranium option in blue.

Remember each grower has many specific varieties, and it’s important to choose what is best for your climate and your conditions. Visit a local nursery that carries plants that will thrive in your region and inquire about the different varieties available through their suppliers. 


‘Elegance Royalty White’ is a classic choice that is spotted with the tiniest flecks of pink—giving it a soft, feminine appearance. For a completely white version, try “North Star.” For window boxes and hanging baskets, look for an ivy geranium that will trail along the edges, such as ‘Snow Queen.’  


As one of the most popular colors, red has a number of varieties. Try ‘Ameicana Bright Red,’ ‘Daredevil Claret,’ or ‘Designer Red’ for a true shade that will last throughout the growing season. For less uniform color, try ‘Avenida Red Mosaic,’ which has red-and-white speckled blooms that appear reminiscent of a peppermint. This variety has been said to favor the warmest, more tropical zones of the United States. 


As the name suggests, ‘Caliente Hot Coral’ produces vivid or “hot” coral-pink blooms; it may come as no surprise that this plant is also very heat tolerant. Also look for ‘Horizon Coral Spice,’ which has a true coral or salmon hue. Orange is a less common color for geraniums, but you will find several cultivars, including “Skies of Italy,” which is a fancy-leaf variety with beautiful reddish-bronze and rich yellow leaves. Maverick orange is another widely available option. 


For bright fuchsia color, look for ‘Baroness.’ If you’re hunting a soft, elegant pink consider ‘Black Velvet Appleblossom,’ which thrives in beds or containers. Additionally, ‘Appleblossom Rosebud’ is a stunning pink-and-white cultivar that grows well in normal conditions for this type of plant and will bloom repeatedly. 


‘Happy Face Amethyst’ is a good option if you are on the hunt for a trailing geranium. They can be a lovely addition to planters and window boxes. If you’re looking for a deep purple cultivar, try ‘Aristo Black.’ Its leaves can be as deep as maroon, and it will continue to bloom throughout the growing season.  


For years yellow was not an option when it came to growing pelargoniums. Thanks to science, yellow varieties are beginning to show up in the marketplace. Look for ‘Yellow,’ ‘First Yellow,’ and ‘First Yellow Improved’ to try the hue in your own garden.


Garden or zonal geraniums typically do not come in shades of blue. However, if you want to plant true geraniums in your yard, ‘Johnson’s Blue’ is the most popular choice for cranesbill or wild geraniums. It features periwinkle blue flowers that are approximately two inches wide.

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