Garden Daisy Varieties

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OxEye Daisy

OxEye Daisy is the quintessential daisy variety, with a yellow center and bright white petals. Because OxEye daisies spread quickly, planting the variety is prohibited in some states, though it can be found already growing in all states. Photo courtesy of American Meadows.

Painted Daisy

The bright, mixed color palette of Painted Daisy, also known as Tricolor Daisy, works beautifully in a colorful cottage or meadow garden where a looser look is preferred. This wild variety has recently been naturalized in the U.S. Photo courtesy of American Meadows.

Shasta Daisy

The Shasta daisy variety yields the classic daisy look, with big white blooms and bright yellow centers, and is allowed in all U.S. states. Shasta daisy grows wild in Europe. Photo courtesy of American Meadows.

Alaska Shasta Daisy

The most famous cultivar of the Shasta daisies, 'Alaska' has large white flowers with yellow centers, grows up to 36" tall and is perfect for cutting. Photo courtesy of American Meadows.

Crazy Daisy

Another cultivar of Shasta, 'Crazy Daisy' shows out with double blooms that create a delicate flurry of white in the garden. Photo courtesy of American Meadows.

Creeping Daisy

This innovative variety of daisy grows to only 6" to 12" tall and creeps along the ground, forming a mat of blooms. Unlike many daisies, which are perennials, Creeping Daisy is an annual. Photo courtesy of American Meadows.

Garland Daisy

For color that lasts into the fall, consider Garland Daisy. The color pattern offers a fun variation on the classic daisy, with petals that fade yellow to white from the yellow center. This is an annual daisy variety. Photo courtesy of American Meadows.

Becky Daisy

This daisy variety has the classic white-and-yellow look but with wider petals and brighter centers than the common OxEye variety. Photo courtesy of American Meadows.

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