Flowers and Shrubs That Bloom in Late Winter and Early Spring

These stunning flowers and shrubs can help brighten the dull landscape between winter and spring.

©Photo courtesy of Monrovia

Flowering Hellebores

When little else is in bloom, hellebores are in their element in winter.

Upright Blooms

Depending on the variety, hellebores bloom anytime between December and mid-March.

Pieris Japonica

During winter, the reddish buds of this broadleaf evergreen are also ornamental.

Buttercup Winterhazel

These yellow flowers will bloom in late winter.

Late-Winter Flowers

Witch hazel is an underused plant in American landscapes.

Cherry Blossoms

'Okame' often blooms at the same time as some of the witch hazels.

Colorful Stems

This Japanese maple's bark color intensifies in winter.

Yellow Tufts

This Japanese cornel dogwood will bloom in very early spring.

Edgeworthia Chrysantha

This shrub will mature to grow about 7 feet tall.

Galanthus Nivalis

A combination of perennials can keep your garden colorful every month of the year.

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