Flavor Zones

Learn how to create "flavor zones" by grouping similar plants in the same sections; this garden will include French, Greek, Italian, Asian, and South of the Border zones.

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French Flavor Zone

create flavor zones by grouping similar plants

French Flavor Zone

Curly parsley
Lemon thyme
Creeping thyme
Shallot bulbs
French marigolds

Greek Flavor Zone

greek flavor zone includes chives

Greek Flavor Zone

Spicy basil

Italian Flavor Zone

italian flavor zone includes sweet basil

Italian Flavor Zone

Sweet basil
Italian parsley
Italian oregano

Asian Flavor Zone

asian flavor zone includes lemon grass

Asian Flavor Zone

Lemon grass
Cinnamon and Purple Basils

South of the Border Flavor Zone

south of the border flavor zone includes cilantro

South of the Border Flavor Zone

Small pepper plants


pine mulch adds organic material to garden

Once all of the plants are in place, it's time to add a finishing touch: mulch.

Pine mulch has a nice color and texture that complement the colors in the garden and contrast with the starkness of the steppingstones. As the pine mulch breaks down, it will add more organic material to the garden. Once the mulch is smoothed out, water the entire garden.



For additional garden scent, bring in the pots of mint you planted earlier.

Place them along the edge of the Asian and Greek zones since mint goes well with both.

You can make a simple table by turning a ceramic or terra-cotta pot upside down and topping with a piece of glass or slate. Now you have a table large enough to hold a glass of your favorite beverage -- maybe even a snack made with some of your fresh herbs.

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