Eye-Catching Aloe Plants for the Garden

It's fine if you like your aloe plants plain and green, but if you crave variety, the aloe family offers hundreds of selections.
By: Kristy Bruce

Photo By: ?? Andrew Jorgensen

Photo By: ?? Andrew Jorgensen

Photo By: ?? Andrew Jorgensen

Photo By: ?? Andrew Jorgensen

Photo By: ?? Andrew Jorgensen

Photo By: ?? Andrew Jorgensen

Photo By: © Andrew Jorgensen


A distinctive selection with raised white ridges and pink-toothed margins, this low-growing aloe averages about six inches tall. Plant in sun or partial sun.

— image courtesy of provenwinners.com

Silver Ridge

A beautifully frosted aloe with raised white edges, 'Silver Ridge' reaches eight to 14 inches at maturity. Use its height to advantage in container gardens. Plant in full sun.  — image courtesy of provenwinners.com

Pink Blush

This clump-forming dwarf hybrid has shiny, textured two-tone foliage with raised pink ridges. Mature height averages eight to 14 inches. Plant in full sun.— image courtesy of provenwinners.com


Dark orange, toothed margins add a hint of color to ultra-smooth leaves in this upright grower. Mature size: 10-12 inches high. Plant in sun or partial sun.— image courtesy of provenwinners.com


The gorgeous, multicolored 'Carmine' makes it one of the best in show. A brilliant fringe accents the vibrant foliage. Mature size: about 10 inches tall and six inches wide in a mounding, clumping habit. Plant in sun or partial sun. — image courtesy of provenwinners.com


A stunning bicolor aloe up to eight inches tall and six inches wide, this selection has heavily variegated leaves outlined in white. Plant in full to partial sun.  — image courtesy of provenwinners.com


A short aloe with shiny, bronzy-red or orange leaves, 'Sunset' forms rosettes of foliage. Best coloration occurs in full sun. One- to two-foot flower spikes appear in mid to late winter. Plant in partial to full sun. Mature height: 6-12 inches. USDA Hardiness Zones: 9-11

-image courtesy of provenwinners.com

Polyphylla aloe

A rare aloe with a spiral form, a mature polyphylla can have up to 5 rows of blue-green leaves growing in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Mature width and height: 6-12 inches. A native of the Maluti Mountains in South Africa, polyphylla aloe doesn't tolerate extreme heat. Give it full sun; in desert locations, plant in shade. Hardy to USDA Zone 9B.

Fire Ranch

The thick leaves of ‘Fire Ranch’ turn bronze in full sun. A large flower spike produces an array of red, orange and yellow blooms. Plant in sun or partial shade. Mature height: 12-38 inches tall. USDA Hardiness Zones: 8-11

-image courtesy of provenwinners.com

Aloe flowers

As semi-tropical plants, most aloes are cold-hardy only to USDA 10, so in cooler climates they're typically grown indoors, where they seldom bloom. Aloe needs lots of bright light for best growth and flowering; if you live in a frost area, try moving the pot outdoors just for the summer to a location where it will get maximum light and minimal rainfall. Make sure that the potting soil is very well-drained.

Grassy Lassie

The narrow, grass-like, dark green leaves turn a deep bronze in full sun. Long-stemmed, electric-orange flowers bloom most of the year. Plant in full sun or shade. Mature height: 12-24 inches. USDA Hardiness Zones: 9-11

-image courtesy of provenwinners.com

Aloe vera gel

With its payload of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the sap of aloe vera is widely used in hair and skin products, but more importantly helps heal burns, cuts, insect bites and other skin irritations. Cut a lower, older leaf and squeeze the cutting to release the sap.

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