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DIY Keepsake Washi Tape

Made + Remade Apr 17, 2015

I think my love for washi tape is well established, correct? Well, this project is taking it to a new level. While I adore all of the fun printed washi tape you can buy, I had a brainstorm the other day that was too good to resist. I’m the mom of a child who produces [...]

Grind It! How to Make Flour at Home

Made + Remade Apr 14, 2015

I am a big fan of keeping it real in the kitchen.  Butter, cheese, peanut butter, even corn flakes, I’ve made them all from scratch at home. I’ll admit that I’m usually more likely to buy most of these at the store instead of going from scratch, but some staples like jams or mayonnaise are [...]

20+ Gardening and Landscaping Gadgets, Projects, And Tips

Made + Remade Apr 14, 2015

I really enjoy the year-over-year evolution of our landscape and garden beds. Last year was the first full summer spent in our new home, and therefore somewhat of a trial year for our vegetable garden as we observed what plants flourished, how the soil drained, the impact of afternoon shade, and how much space the [...]

Hack This: How To Make A Stroller Cup Holder

Made + Remade Apr 10, 2015

Lightweight strollers are where it’s at, in my opinion. Compact enough to fit into the car, no frills to weigh it down, easy to navigate through stores, but only one downside to the ones I’ve used – no cup holders. We can all appreciate how nice it is to have a travel mug of coffee [...]

What’s Your Favorite Tool?

Made + Remade Apr 9, 2015

As a home improvement enthusiast with a workshop filled to the brim with “toys,” I’m often thrown the question of “What’s your favorite tool?” New homeowners are always looking to slowly invest in “must have” items to create their own functional workspace. Without undermining the importance and significance of owning things like a cordless drill, [...]

How to Build A Closet You’ll Love

Made + Remade Apr 9, 2015

I’ve known for awhile that my bedroom closet had a lot of potential, and I knew that scheming a new organizational system in there was a necessity for myself (and really, it’s for no one but myself). In hindsight, especially looking at the before and after pictures in the below post, I can really appreciate [...]

9 Tips and Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Made + Remade Apr 7, 2015

It’s been almost three years (unbelievable!) since I became married to a wonderful, creative guy in a casual outdoor ceremony, followed by a fun outdoor reception, the thought of which makes me happy every day. I do not regret one thing about how we chose to say and celebrate our vows. And included in my [...]

How to Maximize Your Closet Storage Space

Made + Remade Apr 6, 2015

Let’s talk bedroom closets. They come in all shapes and sizes. Walk-in, reach-in, wide sliding doors or bifold doors, small doors, lofted storage, inset drawers – you name it, some closet out there is owning it. Our bedroom closets also dictate how much other storage we need in our bedroom too; armoires and drawers are [...]

DIY Sharpie Easter Eggs

Made + Remade Apr 3, 2015

Raise your hand if the idea of vats of egg dye just waiting to be spilled is less than appealing. Yeah, that’s how I feel, too. Plus, with less than 48 hours left to go, the window of time to dye eggs is dwindling rapidly. However, a freehanded design with a fast drying marker is [...]

Cheerful DIY Mini Tassel Easter Tree

Made + Remade Apr 3, 2015

If you live in the south, you’ve probably already started seeing Easter decorations in the trees and on lawns. Up here in New England, we’ve still got snow on the ground and it’s forecast to be in the low 40s with a cold rain all weekend. As such, we won’t be spending a lot of [...]