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Fresh Recipes From Your CSA Basket

Made + Remade Aug 3, 2015 by Emily Fazio

Community Supported Agriculture (more commonly known as your neighborhood CSA) has been growing in popularity since the ‘80s. New York State has a lot of farmland, so I can’t speak for all areas of the country in saying this, but new crop share programs are popping up as fast as popular microbreweries around here. The [...]

How to Make Felt Baby Blocks

Made + Remade Jul 31, 2015 by Michelle Reynolds

Felt baby blocks are bright and colorful, easy to make by hand, and comfortable to the touch. Embellished with letters or symbols or left unadorned and stitched with bright embroidery thread, the blocks are useful in décor and functional for play. The sight and feel of the soft baby blocks remind us all of cuddly [...]

Cozy Up: Get Bedroom Color Inspiration for 2015

Made + Remade Jul 30, 2015 by Emily Fazio

Gather inspiration from the Fall 2015 PANTONE® color collection to design the modern, beautiful bedroom of your dreams (literally). This year’s collection, anchored in Marsala, veers very unisex, making it a great palette that can be interpreted in ways to appeal to everyone. From earthy herbs and tranquil colors that pull from the sea and sky, [...]

Get Cookin’! Outdoor Kitchens We Adore

Made + Remade Jul 29, 2015 by Emily Fazio

What are your favorite features for an outdoor kitchen? From rustic to stainless to tiled to very, very modern, outdoor kitchens and entertaining spaces offer a unique appeal for outdoor living, creating an environment that’s the ultimate for entertaining and quality family time. DIY Network has a whole section dedicated to outdoor kitchen inspiration, so [...]

12+ DIY Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Backyard

Made + Remade Jul 28, 2015 by Emily Fazio

The world is our playground during the summer, but there’s something to be said to making your own abode a relaxing, craftastic, and inventive place for the kids to play and learn. Much of my time has been spent trying to create an entertaining outdoor environment, so I thought it was due time for a [...]

Creative Genius: Angela Hanscom of TimberNook

Made + Remade Jul 27, 2015 by Ellen Foord

To say that parenting introduces a whole new universe of questions and concerns into any parents life is a gross understatement. For me, the transition from adult to parent was, and has continued to be, challenging in ways I never imagined. Our kiddo has kept me on my toes since she started walking MONTHS earlier [...]

Creative Genius Lillis Taylor Champions Arts in Medicine

Made + Remade Jul 24, 2015 by Michelle Reynolds

Wherever Lillis Taylor goes, whoever she meets, and whatever she touches, the places, the people, and the fabric of life are taken in, gathered and connected as one. Together, bit by bit, words and stories woven, with Lillis, a word is spoken, a friendship is made, conversation is inevitable and ideas are born. One thing [...]

15+ Fire Pits To Inspire Your Sizzling Summer

Made + Remade Jul 22, 2015 by Emily Fazio

A fantastic fire pit is essential to summertime outdoor living, right? Whether your fire pit is a custom design to suit the style of your home, or something temporary to get you through a weekend of festivities, inspiration is abundant. I think there’s a misnomer that entertainment features in a backyard need to be expensive, [...]

Making Good: Prescott Park Arts Festival

Made + Remade Jul 21, 2015 by Ellen Foord

Our family is so incredibly fortunate to live where we do, for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons is Prescott Park Arts Festival. Almost every Wednesday night in the summer, you can find us stretched out on a blanket in the grass, overlooking the Piscataqua River, munching on a picnic dinner. Now, that [...]

7 Gorgeous Water Features to Cool Off Your Outdoors

Made + Remade Jul 20, 2015 by Made + Remade Crew

If you’ve got a backyard pond or a flower bed fountain, you’re living the life, but if you don’t, here’s why you should definitely join the trend: a well-placed water feature can turn a backyard into an oasis and a garden stroll into a paradise getaway. Adding a bubbling feature to your outdoor space will [...]