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How To Make DIY Coconut Yogurt

Made + Remade May 1, 2015

Dairy-free, but still craving yogurt? I know the feeling. Some people, upon giving up dairy, miss cheese, but for me, it was yogurt. Plain greek yogurt with fruit was my everyday breakfast of choice, so when I had to go dairy free, I was left at a bit of a loss. I tried smoothies, but [...]

Making Good: Detroit’s Rebel Nell

Made + Remade Apr 30, 2015

When I wear a Rebel Nell necklace, I’m frequently stopped and asked what kind of fascinating stone I’m wearing. People are usually very surprised to find out that the pendant is not a traditional gemstone; it’s actually a piece of fallen graffiti layers found throughout Detroit and given a second life as jewelry by a [...]

The Perfect Manicure for the DIY-er

Made + Remade Apr 24, 2015

I might be happiest when covered in sawdust and paint, and my hands may be a little more banged up and callused than some, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like a good manicure! However, I’m more than a little rough on my hands. A typical manicure doesn’t stand a chance on my nails. I [...]

Hang ‘Em High: How to Make a Macrame Plant Sling

Made + Remade Apr 24, 2015

Who’d have thought the skills I learned at summer camp would finally pay off? My potted plants have been cooped up inside all winter long and it’s finally time to move back outside, but there’s only so much space on those porch rails. Hanging potted plants using slings is an easy way to free up [...]

Kids’ Artwork: Save, Display, or Discard?

Made + Remade Apr 24, 2015

There are some challenges that come with parenthood that I had no idea I would face. Pre-motherhood, if you’d asked me if I would save, display, or discard my child’s artwork, I would have emphatically said display or save. Then I became a mother and realized just how much “artwork” one child can produce. We [...]

Paleo Mexican Chocolate Cookies

Made + Remade Apr 24, 2015

After a short hiatus, I’m back at it. I’ve been playing around a little in the kitchen lately. I’m no stranger to gluten-free baking, but I’ve been working on grain-free baking lately. It’s a whole new world, but I’m learning quickly. These cookies have been a hit with my family – they’re light, crispy, rich, [...]

DIY Beard Balm

Made + Remade Apr 23, 2015

If you’d asked me a few years ago if I would, at any point in my life, be making DIY Beard Balm, I would have laughed at you. But oh, how things change. We’ve gotten a little DIY happy with our personal care products lately, after I got fed up with winter dry skin and [...]

DIY Silver Leafed Brush Lettering

Made + Remade Apr 23, 2015

I’ve been working on this idea for AGES, friends. I wanted to figure out how to DIY the foiled prints I’ve been seeing on Pinterest. You know what I’m talking about, right? A brief quote or statement in gorgeous, shiny gold or silver? I wanted to make my own, but ugh. The foiling was problematic. [...]

Cat’s Fancy: DIY Catnip Spray

Made + Remade Apr 23, 2015

The powers of catnip are well known. Sprinkle a little on the floor and step back as your cats revel in its effects, rolling around, purring and generally going bonkers. Catnip doesn’t affect all cats, but for about 50% of the feline population, the scent of this aromatic herb (a member of the mint family) [...]

Cut A Rug! No, Really, Cut A Half-Circle Rug!

Made + Remade Apr 23, 2015

My ever-evolving home recently received a kitchen “upgrade” that took into account a much needed “downsize.” The new, smaller table in our eat-in nook is a 30″ round model with a “wooden” melamine top and steel base, a salvage find that served its original purpose as a table in a local school. And never mind [...]