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Natural Light

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Tools & Materials

Power drill
Wood screws
Interior shutters or blinds
Tubular skylights
Combination LED/tubular unit

Tips for Bringing in Natural Light

1. Make your home brighter and save energy costs by bringing in natural light.

TIP: 47% of home energy goes for lighting and temperature control; natural light can reduce energy costs by as much as 75%

2. To let in as much sunlight as possible, keep windows coverings lightweight.

3. Bring natural light into dark or windowless spaces with a tubular skylight; it’s more affordable and easier to install than a traditional skylight with no reframing, dry walling, or painting.

TIP: Tubular skylights save energy; there’s virtually no heat gain or loss or UV rays entering home.

4. Rooftop dome captures sunlight and brings it inside through highly reflective tube.

TIP: Install dome on south slope of roof for maximum light efficiency.

TIP: Use existing openings of old light fixtures for new tubular entry.

5. Install a combination LED light unit to take over at night and on very cloudy days.

6. Diffuser spreads light evenly throughout room, preventing glare, hot spots, and shifting light.