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Free up space in your tool box with Mulit Tasking


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Tools & Materials

Universal max access locking wrench
Clench wrench
Power drill
Drill screw attachment
Drill bulb auger
Drill paint mixer
Drill sander attachment
Drill grinder
Drill paint stripper
Reciprocating saw
Safety goggles
Reciprocating saw pruning blade
Grout-removal attachment for reciprocating saw
Blackboard chalk

Start Multi-Tasking

Tip: To handle more projects with fewer tools, add a few multi-tasking tools to your toolbox.

One universal max access locking wrench can do the work of 14 different wrenches.

Clench wrenches adjust to different fastener sizes.

Adjust power drill to insert screws.

Add bulb auger and use power drill to plant flower bulbs.

Tip: If auger wears thin on end, saw or break it off.

To stir paint, joint compound, or driveway sealant, insert paint mixer attachment into power drill.

Tip: You can also get power drill attachments that sand, grind, strip paint, clean rusty tools or equipment, scrape up tile, remove wallpaper or flooring.

Insert pruning blade into reciprocating saw for trimming brush and trees.

Add grout-removal attachment for removing grout.

Tip: To keep tools rust-free, keep blackboard chalk in toolbox.

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